About us

Hispano Atlantic Consulting Ltd, HispanTIC, is a start-up located between Dublin and Barcelona. We are committed to serving the small and medium business world, advising them on everything related to the digital world.

We are a digital business agency. Working for small businesses

Hispano Atlantic Consulting Ltd (HispanTIC) is a digital start-up based in Dublin and Barcelona. We are a business agency expert in digital environment. We are oriented to SMEs and all types of professionals, we offer services of Web Page Design and Development, Online Shops, SEO Positioning, Web Maintenance, Hosting and Digital Marketing.

Hispano Atlantic Consulting is the outcome of an adventure that began a long time ago. In charge are Elliot Fernandez and Vincenzo Ferrillo. We are sharing adventures and experiences since 2009 when we met as students at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona.

If this project has been born, it is also thanks to the hundreds of coffees that we have taken during the long university days! After several years spent crossing Europe, we have decided that this 2017 is the perfect time to leave our routines and venture into the madness of an entrepreneurial endeavor, taking the reins of our destinies.

We are young, creative and our pathways make us choose a digital and international environment.

Hispano Atlantic has decided to settle in Barcelona and Dublin because we think that these two cities, besides being two of the most dynamic and innovative in Europe, are also the ideal shuttle to explore the largest Spanish and English-speaking markets, with the Atlantic as an ideal bridge drawn by fiber optic cables that cross it.

We want to assist small and medium-sized companies in betting on the digital environment to boost their business. We want to support other start-ups by offering them advice and sharing the challenges we to have had to face.

We are specialized in the development of websites through WordPress, and online shops through PrestaShop and WooCommerce. We know how to help you improve the positioning of your website, how to reach more customers thanks to AdWords campaigns and other Search Engine Marketing tools and, in general, how to develop marketing campaigns in a digital environment.

At HispanTIC we firmly believe that to make informed decisions, the more data the better. That’s why we want to provide you with the most modern digital analytics tools.

To make it easier for our customers to choose, we offer a wide range of price packages to select the one that best suits their needs. But the advantage of being a small consultancy as we are, however, is to offer the most personalized treatment possible to those who trust us. That’s why we can offer customized and tailor-made packages, as well as a punctual and meticulous execution of the projects that we take care of.

We offer a digital and face-to-face customer service. We can be reached by Skype, email and phone, as well as in person.