E-commerce 2018: main trends

25 May 2018
Despite the economic crisis, the e-commerce in Spain hasn’t stopped to grow in the last years. This is in part thank to Millennials, the generation which grew up with Internet and uses it regularly. But selling through the Net means much more than opening an online store or uploading a series of products to a […]

Why every SME should use Google My Business

25 September 2017
Google My Business is the new, very powerful tool that Google provide to businesses. As it web page says: Google My Business helps customers find you anytime, anywhere In this post, we will explain why every small business should use it as an instrument to complete its digital marketing strategy. First of all: it’s free! Google […]

Lead generation: the first step of marketing funnel

18 September 2017
The very struggle of every business is to attract clients. In digital marketing its definition is lead generation and it is the very first stage of the process that brought to a real purchase. To describe visually this process in digital marketing, the image used is funnel. Funnel represents all the stages, from the attraction […]

Why your visitors aren’t shopping on your website?

13 September 2017
Are you an online seller with your e-commerce running on the web for several months and you see that your visitors are not buying on your website? If so, something’s going on. There are many factors that influence how you attract your potential customers and how you lead them to purchase, which is what interests […]

Why SMEs need to turn into digital

1 September 2017
Since the beginning of commerce, the main worry for marketers has been how to attract and to retain customers. In the era of Internet, social media and mobile devices, markets are expanding and companies and traders have an infinity of tools now to boost their business. Marketing has turned into digital!

The importance of a good web maintenance

30 August 2017
Our computers may be exposed daily to external threats if we don’t take care of the menaces. Viruses, Trojans, phishing data theft or, recently, ransomware attack make us vulnerable and force us to react in order to prevent these scenarios. That’s why any company, no matter its size, should reinforce its defences to avoid them. Our web […]