Elliot Fernandez Hernandez

How to hire an SEO specialistGraduate in History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2009, I then completed a master's degree in History of the World at the Pompeu Fabra University completed in 2011 (final master's degree "The construction of the French State and the limits of the" royal absolutism "). I worked for a few years as a history professor at the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia. But life has led me to a completely different world: now I dedicate myself to the programming and development of web pages. That is why I have been training for some years in the field of programming. I am doing an official master's degree at the UOC in "Multimedia Applications" and a vocational training course in "Web Application Development." Since 2017, I am a co-founder of Hispano Atlantic Consulting Ltd, HispanTIC, where we dedicate ourselves to the technological and economic consultancy especially to small companies that want to start in the digital world.

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