How to hire an SEO specialist

Learn the basics of creating an online presence and the right Search Engine tools. How to hire an SEO specialist? We offer advice to optimize your website.
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Whether you are new to e-commerce or have been around for a while, pay attention to this article. You have probably arrived here because you are having problems positioning your website in the main Internet search engines. Have you noticed that your website receives few visits? Doesn’t it appear in the search results of the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)? In this article we tell you the things you are not doing or are doing wrong and how they can be solved. And we’ll respond to your main question: How to hire an SEO specialist?

Getting advice from a quality SEO specialist will save you time in making decisions about your company or online business and will save you money.

First step: Choose the right platform to create your online business or corporate website

The first thing to choose correctly is the platform on which the website will work. Your online store or corporate website needs a software to work. Depending on the type of website, it will be necessary to choose one system or another. Simplifying, we can say:

To keep in mind…

The choice of one platform or another will depend on many factors. In short, you have to take into account the degree of control you want to have over the shop or the website. For example, if you want to decide the design of the home page or the product sheets at all times, you should use a platform such as WooCommerce or PrestaShop. If it is good for us to use a pre-established design, with Shopify or Wix we will be well covered.

You should also consider whether there is an obligation to pay fees for the use of third party platforms. Importantly, by using a third party platform you will be bound by their terms of service and sales policies.

If you opt for your own platform, you will be free to establish your own sales, delivery and return conditions… You will also be able to decide exactly which design you like best for your shop. However, perhaps in this case you will need the help of an expert.

Receive expert advice

Whether you need to set up an online store or create a corporate website, get advice from a specialist agency. The free platforms incorporate all the necessary functions to optimize the website and make it visible on Internet search engines. But certain skills and guidelines are needed to make a website really show up to the search engines.

Key questions to improve the SEO of your website

As the owner of an e-commerce site or corporate website you have probably asked yourself the following questions:

Does my website appear in Google? If the answer is no: what do I have to do?

How can I change the information that appears in the search engine about my business?

How can I correct the errors that appear in Google about my business?

Second step: Defining website goals (and why it’s important)

If you have decided that your company or business needs to show itself on the Internet with a website, you have probably invested a lot of money and time. Someone will have built your website and now you will want to see that you have made a useful investment for your company.

The example of a clothing store

You’ve had a business open to the public for 20 years in a medium-sized city. A lot of people pass by your business every day. A few come in and end up buying some product from your store.

During all this time your customers have been the inhabitants of the town where your business is located. People from nearby towns could also come.

There you decide to open a website to sell your products online. Your potential customer becomes global. To succeed in this new online business is necessary:

Steps to make a person a customer in your store

1 – People have to find your business on the Internet. To do this, there are the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). There are other options, such as social networks.

2 – Then people must decide to enter and look at the products.

3 – And finally, select some product and pay.

How to measure the visibility of the store in Internet search engines? Through SEO

Measuring online store visibility to search engines is relatively simple. For example, if we sell T-shirts in our shop, you will have to go to the search engine and type in the word “T-shirts“. We will see in the search results if our shop appears.

Google page
Google page with search results for T-shirts

If we find our website in the search results, we call this an impression.

If the person who was looking for the “T-shirts” in Google and found our page, decides to enter the website, then he or she will make a “click”.

Thanks to the free Google tool “Search Console“, we can know how many clicks our website receives from this search engine.

When this person enters our website, we can know many things about their behaviour inside, for example:

The owner or the administrator of the shop can know all this data thanks to the statistical tools provided by the same Google search engine. Using Google Analytics, in combination with the Search Console, they can be measured:

Contratar un especialista en SEO - Google Analytics
By combining Google Search Console and Analytics you will have a lot of information about your visitors.

Third step: How to hire an SEO? Tips for hiring an SEO specialist

In order to find more customers for your online business, you will need to put some effort into improving your Internet presence. Therefore, we give you some ideas to implement a correct SEO strategy. How to hire an SEO specialist? This article o help you in this task.

In the case of an e-commerce site, the most basic (and mandatory) actions you can take are:

To comply with all these actions and ensure that your website is shown in the search results, you should hire a SEO specialist. But, how to hire an SEO expert?

How do you find the right person?

Website designers and developers have a section on their websites where they show the work they have done previously (portfolio). Take a look at the pages they have designed before contacting you. Check the following aspects:

Once you have seen the above, ask yourself the following questions:

Contact the SEO specialist

When you have found the web designer that suits your needs, contact him and establish a list of priorities. The first thing to do is an interview. It will be the moment to put on the table the fundamental aspects:

As the owner of a corporate website or online store, make sure you explain your business objectives correctly to the SEO specialist. The specialist must know exactly what you want to achieve with the web. Once you have reviewed all the above, you will be ready to hire a SEO specialist.

This process can take weeks or months. And more advanced features to implement in the process of buying a store and processing payments can take even longer.

Last step: It’s time for testing

When the SEO specialist’s work is done, be sure to test with people you trust. Test everything. Check out the following aspects:

Bonus tip: keep your website update

Once the whole process of development of the website or online store is completed, it should be updated regularly. In addition, it is very possible that at some point you will need to add new products, new categories, etc.

It will also be necessary to carry out tasks of a more technical nature, such as updating the platforms (WordPress, PrestaShop…). So you will need to make sure that the web developers are available to perform these tasks.

Ask the developers to explain how to update the contents of the website. You should also know how to add new products, change prices, remove a product from the store, or add new shipping methods.

In short, you must know how to use these platforms to make these changes without the help of anyone.

With all this, your website will be online and optimized to be shown in the search engines. But the work does not end here. Once it needs a lot of dedication. Don’t leave it “dead” or forgotten. It needs life.

And remember, hiring an SEO specialist can save you time and money. Now you know how to hire an SEO specialist. Good luck!