Lead generation: the first step of marketing funnel

Lead generation is the first step of your digital marketing strategy and, maybe, the most sensitive one.
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The very struggle of every business is to attract clients. In digital marketing its definition is lead generation and it is the very first stage of the process that brought to a real purchase.

To describe visually this process in digital marketing, the image used is funnel. Funnel represents all the stages, from the attraction of potential customers up to the purchase of your product/service.

Lead generation or how to increase your visibility

As said before, lead generation is the first step of your digital marketing strategy and, maybe, the most sensitive one. This is about how to increase your visibility. Think about how to attract and invite your potential costumers into your digital showcase. There are various strategies to do so!

First, use properly social media to organize campaigns. This is a good tool to increase your brand consciousness. You can also define a proper Google Ads campaign: this is the usual instrument to call the potential customer to action. Indeed, even if you want that people know your business or you want to receive an order, call to action is fundamental.

If your goal is to increase followers on social media, you could call to like your page in exchange for something. You can offer a discount in the first product bought. You can also offer a guide for free, an e-book, some interesting images to use. At the end, this is to reinvent the old school gadget strategy!

Even so, to define an effective gadget strategy is not enough. Your showcase cares. And in a digital environment, your showcase is your landing page or your profile on social media. So, to be appealingĀ  you need to focus on design of it. In a previous post, we explained how a good landing page must be. Come back to read it again!

Today struggle: quantity vs quality

Today, there is a debate about the quality of leads: is more effective the volume of potential traffic, or is better to receive fewer leads with a real potential to convert into a purchase? There is not a straightforward answer. This is part of your strategy. And count that there is not the same to be a start-up or a consolidated business.

If you just started your business and you need to generate consciousness about your brand, it’s more probable that you’ll be interested in generating a high volume of traffic to your page. So, in a context of Google Ads campaign, you are maybe more interested to bid for a Cost -per-thousand Impressions (CPM) than to a Cost per Action (CPA). This latter strategy is useful when your business has a consolidated users-base already established and a track record of previous conversions.

How to be attractive. 2018 trends

To be attractive, you must surf what users want. What’s your relation with Internet trends? We offer some insights about marketing trends in 2018. Use it. Think about the effectiveness of your online presence!

It seems that in 2018, there will be even more importance about content. Content marketing will be  a very useful instrument to attract more people.

Marketers are establishing content as the building block of all marketing.

Think about how to personalize content:

The key is to drift away from traditional static content to a more dynamically-rich content. The best practice is to create a dynamic website and a smart marketing automation plan that delivers top content. This creates a unique experience for the customer that matches their specific needs and preferences.

And finally, as we wrote in a previous post of this blog: mobile commerce is here to stay. Develop your strategy focusing on it.