E-commerce Technical Maintenance


Get our Technical maintenance service for e-commerce (WooCommerce and PrestaShop). You will have an All-Inclusive Insurance for your Website or Online Store: daily backups, technical support of 6 hours a month, protection against threats.


What is a technical maintenance service for an online store?

The Technical Maintenance service has nothing to do with the Design and Development of a web page. When we refer to Web maintenance, we refer to a service that is complemented with its website and that is essential for everything to work normally. The Web Maintenance is like the insurance of a vehicle, necessary when we have problems with our car. In the Internet world, there are also certain threats to which it is better to protect yourself. And in the worst cases, having the appropriate tools can save us from having great headaches.

Why should you protect your business online? What are the risks?

Most modern web pages use content managers and databases based on free software. And like any computer program, it is subject to program errors that can be exploited to enter into a web page and compromise its content. Hackers or cyber-criminals can steal confidential information from a company, inject malicious code into the web in order to manipulate its operation or even eliminate its content. Luckily, these content managers, such as WordPress or PrestaShop, have a community of developers behind who constantly work to detect threats and solve them. This prevents the intrusions of unknowns and other major problems. Therefore, it is very important to keep our systems up to date and this includes our Web Pages and Online Stores. And this is, among other things, the work we do with the Web Maintenance. If we do not keep our website up to date, we will put our business or Business at risk. The consequences can be very serious.

What offer our technical maintenance service for e-commerce?

  • 6 hours a month of technical assistance to solve any programming error on the web.
  • Software updates (Woocommerce, PrestaShop)
  • Remote daily backup copies
  • Monthly service report
  • Server monitoring.
  • Security audit of your Website.
  • Implementation of measures against attacks.
  • Server optimization


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