Web Maintenance “Basic Plan”


Be assured of our Web Basic Maintenance Plan. You will have an all-inclusive insurance for your website or online store: daily backups, technical support for 1 hour a month and protection against threats.


What is the Service of Web Maintenance Basic Plan?

Web Maintenance has nothing to do with the Design and Development of a website. When we talk about Web Maintenance we refer to a service that complements our website and is essential to ensure that everything works smoothly. Web Maintenance is like the insurance of a vehicle, necessary when we have problems with our car. In the world of the Internet, we also know that there are certain threats which are best to be protected against. And when we are in danger, having the right tools can prevent us from having great headaches.

With Web Maintenance we ensure the protection of your website and for a very reasonable price, any business or company can save a lot of headaches and euros in the event of an attack on your website.

Why is it necessary to protect our Website or Online Store? What are the risks?

Most modern Websites use Content Management Systems (CMS) and Databases based on free software. By sharing numerous websites the same internal programming code, when “malicious” individuals find a way to attack a website they will have the key to access all websites made with the same content manager (such as WordPress).

“Intruders” will enter a website because discovered a programming error inside the content manager. With this action, “hackers” or cyber-criminals can steal confidential information from a company, inject malicious code into the web in order to manipulate its operation or even remove all its content and part of it.

The solution: constant updating and maintenance

Fortunately, content managers, such as WordPress or PrestaShop, have a community of programmers behind them working constantly to detect and fix threats. This prevents intrusions by strangers and other major problems.

That is why it is very important to keep our systems updated and this includes our Websites and Online Shops. And this is, among other things, the work that we do with Web Maintenance Basic Plan.

If we do not keep our website up-to-date, we will put our company or business at risk. Consequences can be extremely severe.

All right, we hire your Basic Web Plan Maintenance. What does it include us?

  • 1 hour a month of technical support to resolve any web programming errors.
  • Software updates (WordPress, Drupal, Woocommerce, Prestashop).
  • Remote daily backups.
  • Monthly service report.
  • Server monitoring.


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