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Begin selling your Products and Services online with a WooCommerce Online Store, the industry's leading platform. You will be able to manage your Online Store easily: products, customers, invoices, stock. All in one place. We configure the most used payment methods: by credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal.

Available plans:

Professional WooCommerce


  • Basic template
  • Self-managed
  • 5 product sheets configuration
  • Responsive design
  • Payment gateway, cart and delivery
  • Payment method (Credit card, PayPal, Direct Bank transfer)
  • Only 1 language
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Premium WooCommerce


  • Premium template
  • Self-managed
  • 10 product sheets configuration
  • Responsive design
  • Payment gateway, cart and delivery
  • Payment method (Credit card, PayPal, Direct Bank transfer)
  • Multi-language e-commerce
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* VAT not included

Why should you already sell your products online?


Why your business will have a modern and elegant online store. Choose between PrestaShop or WooCommerce, the two most popular e-commerce systems in the world. We take care of everything. We advise you at all times to make your choice a success.


Why you will enjoy a self-managed store with the necessary functionalities to run your business on the Internet. You can easily create, modify and delete products with just a couple of clicks.


Because you can configure as many types of shipping as you need, depending on the destination of the shipment, the weight of the product, the price, etc. Everything will be in your hands.


Why can they offer their customers the preferred method of payment: bank transfer, credit or debit card, counter-reimbursement, payment through PayPal, etc. You can also offer split payment options or by credit.

Why your online store will be the best showcase to sell your products. We will set you the best product listings to sell more. Sell ​​more with detailed descriptions and attractive.


At HispanTIC we create modern e-commerce with WooCommerce, adapted to all devices and designed to generate an excellent user experience. Easy to manage, you can create new products, update prices, change shipping rates or delivery times and apply discounts at any time.

An Online Store with WooCommerce ensures a flexible and intuitive daily management of your business with an administration panel where you will be able to follow the evolution of any aspect of the store. No previous computer skills are required to run your shop.

Choose the leading e-Commerce platform

WooCommerce is the perfect e-commerce platform to build your online business. This software is built into WordPress so you will always be in the best hands possible.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a fully configurable and open source e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Create a beautiful store where customers can find what they want


A successful sale begins long before someone clicks “buy”. Create a store as unique as your brand and create a special experience to browse your products, content, and site.

Sell any product, anytime

A sale is a destination, and your online store is where customers can leave things in the aisles or end up shopping. With WooCommerce, customers can purchase your products at their convenience.

You will be able to manage orders and customers

Get orders in a timely manner and keep customers updated to generate future purchases and keep them loyal. WooCommerce has a set of features to make it all easier.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, your online store will be fully functional. At HispanTIC we take care of the installation and configuration of your online store. We also help you to upload your first 10 products to the shop (the rest are up to you). If you need to publish a large volume of products, we can make you a separate proposal. We also have tools for mass product import from Excel or CSV files.

Yes, your shop needs a web hosting service and domain. To make your online business work, you will need to hire a Web Hosting service. You will also need to register a domain name. We can take care of your hiring. Its price is less than 10 euros and is paid annually.

Yes, of course. Absolutely. Once our design work has been contracted and completed, the store becomes your property. You will receive all the accesses to the shop administration panel, FTP accounts, etc… so that you can manage your shop in full autonomy.

Only the "WooCommerce Premium" package includes the premium plugins. With the "WooCommerce Professional" package any additional functionality that requires the installation of a module must be provided by the customer or purchased by HispanTIC at the customer's expense.

Included in our services is the import of up to 10 products into your Online Store. To make this possible we need to receive product information via a CVS, TXT, XML or Excel file from your product catalogue with the following minimum information: title, Price, Description, EAN code. We will also be provided with a complete list of images of the Products. If you need to import a larger quantity of products, we can provide you with a tailor-made quote.

All the works requested will be delivered within a maximum period of 4 weeks from the date of receipt of payment and the necessary information to start our work (file with the complete catalogue of products and images) and the confirmation of the design template.

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