Google Ads Advertising

Do not hesitate to hire Google AdWords advertising if your business needs to attract qualified traffic to your website or online store. Increase your customers and sales. It is the cheapest and fastest way to advertise your business. You pay only for the effective clicks on the ads.

Available plans:

Google Ads Campaign Management


  • Management of 1 campaign in Google AdWords: initial configuration and optimisation
  • Up to 25 Ad Groups and 500 Keywords
  • Initial audit and day-to-day monitoring of the campaign
  • Finding of positive and negative keywords
  • Ads with images, text or dynamics
  • 1 Monthly report
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* VAT not included

Types of advertising in Google


Search network

If you advertise your business on the Google Search Network, ads can be displayed alongside search results, on other Google sites (such as Maps and Shopping), and on the websites of Google's search partners. The Search Network is part of the Google Network, the name we give to all web pages and applications where you can place AdWords ads.

Display Network

Display Network sites reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide. With the Display Network, you can use segmentation to display ads in specific contexts (such as “outdoors” or “”), to specific audiences (such as “young mothers” or “saloon buyers”) and to certain locations, among others.

Google Shopping

If you are an online retailer you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your products, increase traffic to your website or visits to the physical store and to look for more qualified customers.

Mobile Campaigns

Searches from mobile devices account for more than half of all the searches on Google and most of the traffic for many advertisers' comes from mobile phone users.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing shows ads to users who have visited your website or used your mobile application. If they have left the website without making a purchase, for example, through remarketing you can reconnect and show them relevant ads on different devices.

HispanTIC will create and optimize your advertising campaigns on Google Ads in order to improve the return on investment (ROI). The Google advertising network has multiple options: Search network, Display, Mobile advertising, YouTube advertising. In addition, if you have an Online Store you can connect your products to Google Shopping.

HispanTIC’s professionals are certified by Google

Advantages of Online advertising with Google AdWords: 

✓ It is the fastest and cheapest way to advertise on the Internet. You’ll make profits from day one.

✓ Your ads will be powerful and relevant and available 24/7.

✓ We create a high quality, highly segmented and targeted Google Ads network for your potential audience.

✓ You will get the maximum return on your investment.

✓ Only you decide how much you want to spend. You will pay for effective clicks on your ads.

FAQ about Google AdWords Advertising

What is included in our services?

How much does it cost?

Does this 150 euros/month fee include the cost of the clicks of advertising on Google?

No. Advertising is contracted directly with Google and each customer decides how much they want to invest in it. We take care of advertising management and ensure the correct optimization of campaigns.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


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