Google Shopping Advertising

Do not hesitate to hire Google AdWords advertising if your business needs to attract qualified traffic to your website or online store. Increase your customers and sales. It is the cheapest and fastest way to advertise your business. You pay only for the effective clicks on the ads.

Available plans:

Google Shopping Campaign Management


  • Management of 1 campaign. Initial configuration and optimization<
  • Linking your WooCommerce or PrestaShop to Google Merchant Center
  • Initial audit and daily monitoring of the campaign
  • 1 Monthly report
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Types of advertising in Google


Search network

If you advertise your business on the Google Search Network, ads can be displayed alongside search results, on other Google sites (such as Maps and Shopping), and on the websites of Google's search partners. The Search Network is part of the Google Network, the name we give to all web pages and applications where you can place AdWords ads.

Display Network

Display Network sites reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide. With the Display Network, you can use segmentation to display ads in specific contexts (such as “outdoors” or “”), to specific audiences (such as “young mothers” or “saloon buyers”) and to certain locations, among others.

Google Shopping

If you are an online retailer you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your products, increase traffic to your website or visits to the physical store and to look for more qualified customers.

Mobile Campaigns

Searches from mobile devices account for more than half of all the searches on Google and most of the traffic for many advertisers' comes from mobile phone users.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing shows ads to users who have visited your website or used your mobile application. If they have left the website without making a purchase, for example, through remarketing you can reconnect and show them relevant ads on different devices.

HispanTIC’s professionals are certified by Google

Google certified

If you are selling your products on the Internet through your own online store but you don’t get enough customers, you can use Google Shopping advertising campaigns to promote your products, increase traffic to your online store and reach more qualified customers.

To begin with, we will link all your products with Google Merchant Center, the best online showcase for your Online Store. Once this is done, we will create the best ads on Google for your potential customers to be able to see what you are selling. This is how your online store is activated in Google Shopping. When your potential customer searches for a particular product you are offering in your store, your ad will appear in a product image, title, and pricing, among other information. These ads give the user a lot of information about the product they are selling before they click on the ad and thus increase their purchasing possibilities.

Advantages of Online Advertising with Google Shopping:

More traffic: Many companies have a significantly higher inbound click-through rate (CTR) with Shopping ads than with text ads that are displayed in the same place for purchase-related searches. In some cases, the CTR has even doubled or tripled.

More qualified contacts: As a merchant, you can get better leads by including product information in your ads to help buyers in making informed purchasing decisions. With this information, you have more chances to have them make a purchase on your website. For example, if Sara searches for “fish tank” on Google, ads for Shopping with fish tanks will be shown. She just has to look at the pictures to find out which fish tank fits her best. She can also see at a glance which one suits her budget best. Simply by looking at the price shown. This means that by the time Sara clicks on the ad, she’ll already have a pretty clear idea of what the product looks like and how much it costs, which will move her further into the shopping funnel compared to regular users.

Easy management of sales-oriented campaigns: Instead of using keywords, Shopping ads use the product attributes you have configured in the Merchant Center data feed to display ads for relevant searches. Browse product inventory directly from AdWords and create product groups with the items you want to promote.

✓ Wider presence online: more than one Shopping ad can be displayed in response to a user’s search and, if relevant, one text ad and one Shopping ad can be displayed at a time. This means that with a single search you can reach twice as many buyers.

✓ Advanced reports and competitive data: View product performance in the level of detail you want. For example, to see how many clicks a particular brand of heeled shoes has obtained, you can apply filters to the product display without adding any product groups. Use the comparison data to get information about the competition. Identify growth opportunities with print percentage data and the Bid Simulator tool.

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