Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our specialists will analyze your website and will implement all the SEO improvements needed to position it correctly on search engines. Ensuring the visibility of your business on search engines is key to attract customers and visitors.

Available plans:

SEO Optimization


  • Comprehensive analysis of your website
  • Keyword study of your website
  • Implementation of improvements in the programming of your website
  • 1 Monthly report
  • 1-hour a month of technical support
* VAT is not included.

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Why is it essential for your website or online store to have a correct SEO positioning?

You’ve undoubtedly heard more than once about how important a good SEO is to your website. But do you really know what SEO is and why you should consider taking it into account? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is an increasingly relevant aspect of the Internet, as it deals with analyzing a web page and applying the necessary improvements to make it well positioned by search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is arguably a “discipline” that is dealt with by both website developers and digital marketing specialists.

As we said, you have to pay special attention to the SEO of your website or online store, because your competition on the Internet is very tough and surely it will also take into account its SEO.


The #1 goal of any company is to get as many visitors to its website as possible. And this can be achieved in many ways, but one of the most effective is through Google queries. The “organic search for results” is the one that the Internet search engines offer us. For example, suppose you want to buy a 3D TV and you need to compare offers. You will go to Google and in your text box type “buy 3D TV” and immediately receive a series of results.

The first three or four results are part of the paid advertising, they appear there because someone has paid Google to be in that opposition. But immediately afterwards a multitude of links will appear, sorted according to the criteria that are relevant to you. The main objective of SEO is to place your website among those first results, which stand out the most in the eyes of any Internet user.


We insist, the main goal of SEO is to make your website appear in the most prominent places on search engines (the goal is always the first page of results) because only in this way will bring you quality traffic to your website.

More visibility on Google or Yahoo equals higher conversions > more sales

How can we improve the SEO of your website?

In the work of SEO Positioning, there are no immediate results or magic formulas. But following a methodology and a lot of perseverance, good results can be achieved after a few months.

How do we work on SEO at HispanTIC?

FAQs about SEO Positioning Service

Your website or online store won’t appear on top of Google’s results from day one

At HispanTIC we have the best professionals and the best tools available to make your business appear in a preferential position to the results of Google. But you should keep in mind that the results don’t start to show until a few months later. Therefore, in addition to patience and good work, we recommend hiring paid advertising on Google, with which to obtain good results immediately.

What tasks do we perform to improve SEO positioning?

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Process of contracting our products and services:

Ordering our products is a quick and easy process. And above all, very transparent. Here we explain the steps to follow to hire any of our services:

1) Choice of the product or service to be contracted:

Through the HispanTIC website, you can find all the products and services we offer. There you will find all the information about products and services, prices and delivery deadlines. You can also contact us for further information.

2) Payment through our electronic trading platform:

Once the product or service has been chosen, the system will redirect you to our Contract Platform to make the payment. Be sure to fill in the information requested correctly. You must also read and accept the rights and obligations as contracting party contained in the General Terms and Conditions of the Business document. If you contract a website or online shop, you have the option of payment in installments (50% at the beginning and 50% on delivery of the product). Payment can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card or PayPal. If you subscribe to a monthly subscription service, the platform will automatically charge you the monthly amount.

3) Sending Files and Briefing:

To enable our professionals to start the development of your website or e-commerce we will need to receive a Word document containing all the necessary information about your company and the texts that the future website or online shop should contain. For example, the history and characteristics of the company and the products it offers, its target audience... It is a short, flexible and open-ended document. It helps us to get to know your company better and to be able to focus our work more clearly.

If you also want to give us some information about the design of your future website, you must also send us your graphic preferences in writing. You must also email us the images and texts you want us to include on your website. And in the case of an e-commerce, the information of the 10 products that we will include in the shop.

Send the documentation to: [email protected]

4) Initial business meeting through Skype:

Once payment has been made, our professionals will contact you to arrange a day and time for a Skype meeting. Experience tells us that this type of meeting is necessary to know the client's needs and to be able to start the development work of the website or online shop adequately. The approximate duration of this meeting is 1 hour.

Our Skype profile is: [email protected]

5) Our team starts working.... within 4 weeks you will have the job finished...

HispanTIC's commitment is to deliver the product within 4 weeks from the time of the first business meeting and the delivery of all the documents and files. This deadline is usually respected, but unforeseen events can always occur that may cause the final delivery date to be postponed. We will still do our best to comply.